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Garage Doors Systems

BFT automation systems for garage doors are extremely flexible and complete. They cover all installation needs, thanks to the wide range of accessories.

The highly evolved control units ensure maximum ease of use and very high safety levels.

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Just 13cm thick, the TIZIANO is one of the most compact operators on the market and can be installed in any architectural context.

With the radio receiver incorporated in the control unit, the TIZIANO can store the codes of as many as 10 MITTO or KLEIO series remote controls and/or wireless control systems such as RB or T-BOX.

Installation Guide

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Technical Features

  • TIZIANO B GDA 260 S01
  • Control unit VENERE GDA
  • Power supply 24V
  • Power input 100W
  • Gate speed6.6m/min
  • Type of limit switchEncoder
  • SlowdownYes
  • Impact reaction Electronic force limiter
  • Locking Mechanical
  • ReleaseCord or steel cable
  • Frequency of use Semi-intensive
  • Protection rating IPX0
  • Environmental conditions from - 20OC to OoC
  • Actuator weight 5kg