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بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Company Profile

Powergates® is a pioneering company in the area of gate automation systems and is Pakistan's leading company in this field. We offer a range of systems and solutions to automate almost any type of gate. We have established an international contract manufacturing and strategic sourcing network as well as our own research and development facility at our head office in Karachi, Pakistan.

Safety and Environmental Policy

In its operating procedures the company is guided by the philosophy that our employees are valuable to us and to their families. Our safety standards cover a range of areas including use of personal protective equipment, first aid and fire emergency guidelines, cordon safety in work areas as well as no damage to the environment, toxic emissions, noise levels, littering and no harm to animals. Our staff is trained and competent to perform the work they are undertaking and have in place emergency scenarios before commencing work.